Spearheading Business Development Across Borders

Fiderenos International SL: Spearheading Business Development Across Borders

In an era where market boundaries are increasingly blurred, going global is no longer an option but a necessity for growth-minded businesses. Based in Spain and led by Loic Pavard, Fiderenos International SL specializes in guiding companies through the intricacies of international expansion.

Business development


Fiderenos brings to the table over 15 years of expertise in building B2B commercial relationships, with a decade focused on international contexts. The agency is adept at crafting, implementing, and executing business development strategies that bridge the gap between Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.


With a proven track record and a commitment to long-term value creation, Fiderenos International SL stands out as your go-to partner for business internationalization. If you’re looking to take your business beyond its current borders, Fiderenos has the expertise and insights to make it happen.